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Via Ferrata of Saint Sériès

Description Via Ferrata : Via ferrata de Saint Sériès

The “Via Ferrata” of “Saint Series” takes place in a very specific context: indeed, the course is over the Vidourle River.

The closest to Montpellier, it is perfect for a half-day trip.

Varied and comprehensive, this “Via Ferrata” will delight you by its uncommon facet: you will never forget this crossing on the rungs, with your feet dangling 20 cm above the water!

For the more sporty participants, a more difficult alternative course will tire your arms quickly while passing over the overflowing part of the course.

Further to abseiling, a “Tyrolean” crossing above the water as well as an aerial crossing are on the agenda!

Let us guide you in this extraordinary and wild world!

Localisation Via Ferrata : Via ferrata de Saint Sériès

You can use this map to find your way and calculate your route clicking on the marker. The travel time estimated by Google have to be increased of 20 %, what is equivalent to our small mountain roads.

Veuillez patienter pendant le chargement de la carte...

Via ferrata in general

For the ease of mobility, the Via Ferrata is a hiking trail landscaped in the cliffs, notably with the use of bars and metal steps. You will go high and discover new sensations... the pleasure of being on top of the world! But rest assured, all the hikes are not that scary, and are diverse in the pleasures that can be obtained.

The hike that we practise the most is the Via Ferrata in the Thaurac and is close to Montpellier. It is characterized by typical landscapes of the area.

The Via Ferrata hikes that we offer have all their own particularities and obstacles and all are worth the trip.

Being accessible to most, it is suggested as a family outing.

In addition, no obstacle is mandatory, and the professionalism of our instructors will raise your level of confidence, thus overcoming your fears, should you have any.

We will equip you with up to date material, complying with European safety standards.

The harnesses are comfortable, helmets in excellent condition, and straps colour coordinated to the harnesses.

Shout for joy when doing a Tyrolean crossing!

Shiver when doing a pendulum jump!

Have fun you going down single-handed abseiling!

Get to new heights when on the bars!

Tire you arms with the most difficult courses!

Live an intense moments of pleasure at the top of the world!

To make it a little more "spicy”, it is also possible to practice the Via Ferrata course at night!
The rates are the same. Simply contact us to discuss availability.