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Canyoning of the waterfalls of Orgon

Description Canyoning : Waterfalls of Orgon

The canyon of “Orgon Waterfalls” is situated on the southern slope of the “Massif” of the “Aigoual” 10 kms from Vigan.

Neighbour of the “Tapoul”, the “Waterfalls of Orgon” will immerse you into a wild and peaceful nature.

The beauty of the landscapes and breezy aspects of this canyon will delight you.

Line-up: abseiling, jumps, pools of crystal clear water, cascades, and slides will fulfil your expectations!!

In addition, you will learn to abseil while moving safely in the meanders of the river. Through the use of specific equipment (ropes and snap hooks), you will enjoy the delights of the downhill trip in a total safe environment with waterfalls and river obstacles on the menu.

A real family adventure for a day of fun!

At this time of the year the water flow is excellent with a rich and abundant wildlife!

Localisation Canyoning : Waterfalls of Orgon

You can use this map to find your way and calculate your route clicking on the marker. The travel time estimated by Google have to be increased of 20 %, what is equivalent to our small mountain roads.

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Canyoning in general

Canyoning is a leisure sporting activity. Going down rivers, and overcoming obstacles it offers, one must be equipped with a wetsuit and sneakers. Jumping, sliding, diving, swimming, abseiling ... and musing over the meandering water courses are ingredients for an outing rich in excitements.

The courses we offer are the most uncharacteristic of Languedoc: through thousands of years, the waters of the torrents have gushed and dug into the rocks to form the rivers which became our playground: water slides, pools of blue water, jumps, stunts, and abseils!

The canyons, being more technical, the use of ropes is necessary, particularly while abseiling or diving in the majestic basins of limpid water.

But rest assured, the diversity of the canyons of the region allows us to offer you trips tailored to your desires: aquatic hikes in the meanders of Soucy, with the highest jumps of the Tapoul, passing through the beautiful landscapes of the canyons of the Caroux, as well as the “Albès” with its spirit of adventure or the Vialais and its stunning jumps.

Canyons offered are spread all over the department of “Hérault”: you will certainly find one that suits you, whether you live in Montpellier, at the seaside or Béziers.

As a family or between friends, canyoning will assure you a day of fun!