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Autonomy on rock climbing big walls in France

Description Big wall : Autonomy in climbing big wall

You are familiar with the basics of the sport climbing and you would like to tackle larger and bigger cliffs? No problem!!!!

The Monitors Agency will show you all “the tricks of the trade” you may be lacking.

Over 3 half-day periods:

  • The first day, you will learn how to take in the information on tracks that interest you, how to use the topography of the land to ensure you are equipped for the track (length of rope required, equipment required, time prediction, understanding of acronyms and the language of quotations and difficulties to foresee, there and back).
    Then back to your skills, mastering self-assurance and a perfect understanding between members on the trip. Practice abseiling safely, with self-assurance and all auto-blocking systems.
    All this on a basic 2 to 3 lengths track, during which you will be guided as a second climber; This is called “the fixed leader”.
  • The second day will be devoted to leadership: we will go through all the steps necessary to the making of a relay to lift the second climber safely. You will then be directly confronted in a real situation on a relatively short route; you will climb “interchangeably” where you and the monitor will take turns, being the leader and then the second climber.
  • The third and last day will be dedicated to a revision of what has been learned; here you will lead your monitor through a big wall (at least 100 metres)!

Localisation Big wall : introduction to autonomy

You can use map to find your way and calculate your route clicking on the marker. The travel time estimated by Google have to be increased of 20 %, what is equivalent to our small mountain roads.

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